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March 14, 2008

Oh, yes! He is feeling better!

oday was overcast so Frankie and the box turtles stayed inside.

Based on Frankie's behavior, I can say confidentially that Frankie is feeling better. While downstairs feeding the geckos, Frankie was up to his old antics - walking all over the gecko room, munching on things, demanding to go outside, pacing. I did let him take a look at outdoors to see if he really wanted to go outside. He took a quick round on the side yard and came right back inside. He went to his box to sleep so I didn't expect him to get come back out.

When I finished feeding the geckos, I went upstairs. An hour or so later, I went downstairs to see how everything was. Frankie was again up to his old antics. He had dragged a cricket container across the floor, knocked down some wood, dragged newspaper across the floor and trampled over some plastic enclosure -- basically he tore up the gecko room.

So, Frankie is back to his normal self.

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