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March 11, 2008

Sulcata Two Step

Its been a few really nice days - Frankie and the box turtles have been outside enjoying good weather and sunshine. Yesterday I waited until all the chill of the night air was gone before taking everyone outside.

The box turtles, who have the choice of shade or sun in their area, chose sun. They moved from their water bowl which is in the shade and up the hill to the sunny area of their pen. Each selected a niche to catch some sun yet be secure. When they all reached a very warm temperature, I put a small shelter over each so they could feel secure and still keep warm. Later in the day, just before taking them in, I hunted down snails and slugs to feed to them. Mama Turtle helped me dig around. She loves to help. She is first to run in and catch anything moving that I dig up.

I was happy to see that Frankie chose to do the "sulcata two-step" most of the day. The sulcata two-step is when a sulcata walks two steps, stops and takes a couple bites of grass, takes another two steps, eats some more grass, takes another two steps, eats more grass.....get the idea? He was very busy in the yard. This is good - much better than heading for the pile of leaves and digging under. Usually when he heads for the leaves it means one of two things - I don't feel well or its the end of a long day and I am ready to sleep (hey, Mom, get me inside!). Since he stayed out of the leaves yesterday, he is feeling better.

Before going in for the day, Frankie was put into his tub of water. He drank up some water (yea!) and then was ready to go in for the night.

Today is overcast. Not sure if anyone will be getting outside.

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