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February 28, 2008

Frankies Atlas

Frankie has occasionally this month not been feeling his normal self: He has now and again not come out of his sleeping box all day, not wanted to walk around, refused to go outside even when its great outside, and sometimes not eaten. I have kept close watch to see what possibly was going on. But, this week, he turned down his favorite foods: he turned down carrots and OMG he turned down dandelions, his most favorite food in the world! That told me something really might be wrong. So I made an appointment to see Frankie's veterinarian, the very competent Dr Alvin Atlas of Birmingham's Riverview Animal Hospital. Last night, Frankie pooped last night so I had a fresh fecal sample for Dr. Atlas.

So, we saw Dr. Atlas this morning, us being a worked-in client into Dr. Atlas' busy schedule. We had to wait a bit, but true to Frankie not feeling his normal self, he just sat in one place and didn't do an endless walk everywhere in the waiting area and examination room. That behavior in itself is a cry for help.

Dr. Atlas loves turtles. Maybe TOO much. He was so very generous and spent lots of time talking with me about Frankie and looking over Frankie very closely. He did a double check on the fecal sample. After careful consideration Dr. Atlas decided to treat Frankie for a gastrointestinal infection/imbalance. Although we could not pinpoint the cause, symptoms point in this direction. Frankie was given an antibiotic and diet suggestions.

Then, true to Dr. Atlas's love of turtle, he spend time just talking turtles with me. I am sure the staff rolled their eyes! But, Dr. Atlas's devotion to turtles and expertise on their heath is why I go to him. He takes excellent care of my turtles.

And, Frankie weighs a whopping 48 pounds - Dr. Atlas says that Frankie is big for his age. Spoiled rotten Dr. Atlas says.

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