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February 10, 2008

Quality Outdoor Time

I took Frankie to the park yesterday. He just needed to be out and walking around. The park area I took him to has a large, new children's play area but I decided to go the opposite end and let him walk around in the soccer area. There are good amounts of weeds and dandelions. The city doesn't spray in the area (I asked and they said they can't afford to spray the parks for anything). We were out for about 45 minutes.

People did see Frankie and approached to find out more about this "big turtle". Word got around and eventually more people wandered our way to see what everyone was talking about. Frankie doesn't really care one way or the other if there are people around, he seems to have a mind of his own and only bothers if you get in his way.

Getting him out was important. He has been sluggish and not wanting to get outside. Hopefully, its just spring wearing out on him and he will be his usual self soon.

Today, he got a bath and then let loose in the back yard. He did wander a bit but then found a nice non-breezy area to settle down on. I have to keep going over to the area and pulling him into the sun. I don't mind him sitting around a bit, but he needs to bask in natural sunlight.

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