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February 14, 2008

Back to it

Frankie is feeling more like his old self again. His sluggishness has been replace with his old walk-all-over-the-gecko-room, poop everywhere and want-to-go-outside-I-insist old self. It is nice to see. I was contemplating taking him on a veterinarian appointment if I didn't see some regular behavior.

Greg has made him a new box - made of triple thick cardboard. It will take Frankie lots more time to dig through this. Until Greg gets it glued, Frankie is sleeping in a plastic container which I don't think he care much to do. It doesn't give him as much security or cover. I do cover him nightly with a big towel so he doesn't get any cool breezes.

Yesterday, I was mopping the gecko room floor. I would put the mop down to move some things around and twice turned back to find Frankie eating the mop. Of course, I stopped him before he got to get anything down -- but you got to wonder what was making him sick the last week - had to be something he ate!

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