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February 20, 2008

Seasonal Changes

Frankie has been getting some quality time in the sun. About noon I put him outside for some sun. For the last couple of days, I've had to drag him out on his skateboard but once he is outside he is happy. He walks, eats and then basks for hours.

Pretty soon it will be time for the box turtles to be spending time outside. The sun has shifted enough in the sky that the box turtle area in the yard has more sun during the day. That means I need to do some thinking about planting more in their yard. Last year I did some gardening with food plants but this year I think I will try flowers, food plants and maybe some more bushes. The box turtles really like getting under bushes.

I guess this also means thinking about getting sight barriers up on Frankie's few chain link fences. During the winter he doesn't try to get through the link fence but during the summer he does. So that has to be on the list.

As for Frankie's getting inside and outside, he does all that very nicely on his own. Very little lifting once he can see that it is sunny outside. When I do lift, getting him on the skateboard is so much easier.

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