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February 7, 2008

Where is spring

The last few days we have had changing weather from rain to cold to sunny to partly cloudy. But, even with all the changes, the temperature has been reasonable for any adult sulcata to spend SOME time outside. But I can hardly drag Frankie outside.

He is just fine inside, sitting in his nice and warm box, but if I drag him outside he wants back inside right away. Its all I can go to get him outside to graze and bask. Really, he has got to be hungry! But he would rather that his tummy rumble a bit rather than go outside. Frankie must be waiting for that 70 degree weather.

I guess I am waiting for it too. I think that all the box turtles are feeling the same. We are getting tired of being indoors. It is time for spring!

Happy Year of the Rat!

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