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February 24, 2008

Shop and Park

I took Frankie shopping at PetCo and PetSmart, and then we went to the park. He was really needing to get out. Its not been quite right for him outside. Getting him to PetCo/PetSmart gives him a chance to get some walking in which he really loves to do. Since it was Sunday and before 1:00 pm, the store was not so full of people. But of those people who were there they loved him.

I took the skateboard to see if it would be helpful in getting him around. Yes and no. Sometimes he drags his feet and this may not be all so good for his toes. Getting him into the store worked okay. Getting him out of the store and pushing a cart at the same time was near impossible. When I was at the check-out stand, having him on the skateboard and holding onto the pull cord kept him from wondering away from me while I was busy....almost. He was still a handful.

At the park, I put him on the skateboard to get him to the grassy area I had picked out. Certainly its was easier to carry around the skateboard than to drag a cart all over. Getting a cart in and out of the car can be difficult.

We were closer to the kid's park than last time so we had more young visitors. I really must get cards for Frankie because there are so many questions and inquiries about him and about sulcatas.

I am really a timid person and would never approach or talk with a stranger except maybe to save my life. With Frankie I can talk to practically anyone. My normal shyness drops away when I am around him. I carry on long conversations with adults and children whom I would never before spoken to. In a way, its one of the rewards of having Frankie.

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