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April 30, 2007

Poop Watch

On Saturday, I took Frankie to the Creek Bank Festival. We went first to the wrong place but decided to walk around the park for a while. Frankie came upon a small plastic disk the size of a nickel and the color of a carrot. He ate it before I could stop him. It was suggested by other sulcata owners that I feed him cactus and high fiber foods to get the poop going. With luck, it will pass without incident.

I checked poop on Sunday and found nothing. I did learn that it is important that one wear gloves or handle the poop with something other than bare hands because fresh poop smell lingers even after several hand washings.

I checked again this morning (using a plastic utensil) and found nothing.

So far is behavior is very normal. He is not lethargic which would be a symptom of problems. I am encouraging him to soak in water and eat more grass.

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