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April 25, 2007

Battling Both Ends

Mattie is on her second dose of medication as prescribed for the intestinal infection. I noticed that her vent was slightly swollen (10% compared to the previous photo) so the vet was correct that she would need a second course of medication. She hates the medication that I have to administer into her mouth and this morning was particularly difficult with me ending up hurting her mouth enough to make it bleed. I don't look forward to tonight's dose. For a little tortoise, she is very powerful. She is eating and that is a good sign.

Mama turtle laid five eggs last night but I was only able to recover two. It wasn't hard to find the nest because the ants had already begun their assault. I cleaned up the area so they wouldn't stick around. I soaked Mama Turtle and gave her as many superworms as she would eat (supplemented, of course).

I joined a sulcata message board a while ago hoping that it would be a fun place to chat about sulcata and exchange ideas. It still surprises me that people spend hundred of dollars every month feeding their sulcata. Frankie's food budget still remains less than $10 per month.

This afternoon Frankie ate a six inch cuttle bone in five minutes. Must find source for bulk cuttle bone.

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