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April 23, 2007

Back in the Green

Everything is going so well with all the turtles. If it would only rain for the box turtles, it would be perfect. All four box turtles and my sulcata spent their first night outside since the unexpected cold snap. Last night, Frankie waited by his door expecting me to walk him inside. I pushed him over on his heat pad instead and bid him 'goodnight'. Today, all turtles and tortoises are enjoying great weather as they navigate the green of their enclosures.

Mattie, the spider tortoise, has made a full recovery. She has another five days of treatments but it will be well worth the bother to keep her healthy. She turned down strawberries this morning but I am not worried as she is a picky eater.

I talked to Brenda who is Bama's new mom and she just loves him. She said hi is a "real card." I should be seeing pictures from her soon. I do miss the little squirt.

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