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April 1, 2007

House of Poop

Frankie is really eating like a sulcata should, and the proof is in his outdoor enclosure! I went outside last night to check on him and when I opened the lid it was like stepping into the elephant area of a zoo. There was poop everywhere. His winter time constitutions were reasonable and I could handle cleaning up after him but it is obvious by the amount of poop currently on the floor that Frankie is making up for his "lean" winter diet.

I have observed him on continually grazing since the weather has remained steadily above the 70 during the day. No doubt that the poop factory is going. I just wish he would do his duty OUTSIDE his night enclosure. But he doesn't, and I have discussed this before in earlier blogs.

On another note, the baby turtle has been adopted and today a lady named Brenda is picking Dudley up. Dudley has begun eating like a pig. I have never seen him personally eat, although I have tried. He prefers to eat alone and will wait until I leave.

It finally rained last night and all the box turtles are wondering around their outdoor enclosure looking for bugs and slugs.

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