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April 5, 2007

Marching Orders

A cold front has suddenly entered Alabama and for the next five nights all the turtles have to come in at night because night temperatures will get as low as 24 degrees! Yikes. Greg is tished because I had just gotten the wet room cleaned (where Frankie slept at night during the winter). Greg complained all winter about the presence of Frankie poop on the floor (and the smell).

I got Frankie and the rest of the turtles inside last night. Frankie did well, remembering the route, to march directly from the backyard and into the house. Frankie was not quite ready to go directly to bed, either that or he just wanted to check out the gecko room after his time outside. He pushed the box turtle enclosure around a bit.

After lights went out, I went downstairs to check on everyone. Frankie left me a big present -- he peed on the floor -- that is about a small bucket of water worth. Fun stuff. This morning, he left me another present as he does every day. He is so sweet.

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