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May 3, 2007

Water Challenges

After a five day poop watch, no piece of plastic was found. It is possible that I missed a poop somewhere in the yard. Frankie behaves normal. I guess I will just continue to watch him.

I've decided that I will put a small garden in the box turtle pen. Since I will need to water the garden daily, the box turtles will have the benefit of the moisture. My box turtles don't seem to be very interested in vegetables so I doubt they will invade growing stock. This garden is not too ambitious. I am considering yellow squash, zucchini, egg plant and peas. Not lots. The plants will also provide more shade for the turtles. I will do tomatoes but due to the toxic leaves I will do those in the front yard. Can't grow anything in Frankie's area ‘cause he will just eat it.

The low rainfall continues to challenge backyard grass growth and turtle comfort. Frankie's grass is dulling. He still has plenty to graze on. The box turtles really need the moisture. When ever it does rain, I collect rainwater and put it into plastic gallon containers (I save containers all winter) and store them. I use the water to water plants. Rainwater that collects in Frankie's pool is only good for the one day because he pees in it. The water gets dumped on the ground so there is no waste.

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