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May 10, 2007

Plans, Problems & Duties

Caught Frankie (sulcata) trying to climb the stairs to our porch -- nine steps. He couldn't even make it to the first stairs except his two front feet but I cannot but think that this is a sign of trouble. If he got up on the first step the danger would be falling backward and flipping on his back. I am home all day except few errands but still the risk of him suffocating or heat stroke is real if I don't see him. At the top of the stairs I have a child safety gate. I may need to get another one for the bottom step.

I put up a barrier on the chain fence today to keep Frankie from pacing. It helps lots. A permanent fix is not yet in the making. His next shelter is first. Which means buying some Insulated Concrete forms.

Mattie (Madagascar spider tortoise) is really doing well. Still very picky about food. I worried all week since she would not eat food presented. Finally I put in a whole ripe pear and a mix of corn and broccoli. She ate well. Today she is outside for sunshine. I watered her area so it would be humid for her.

Boxies are doing fine. I think their biggest complaint is lack of food in their enclosure. I have to feed them.

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