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May 28, 2007

Mattie Milestones

I am happier with Mattie as she has shown some spirit the last couple of days. I went and bought liquid calcium and vitamins (lots of vit. A) to put into her water as she is not very accepting of powder vitamins. So, yesterday and today she got to soak with vitamins/calcium. She ate lots of baby greens and a part of an over-ripe pear. She then had a good walk around her enclosure and climbed into the baby box turtle's water dish (which is too small for Mattie). I took the hint and went looking for a dish that I could leave in her enclosure. I found an oblong dish that was fairly shallow and put that in her enclosure. She was sitting happily in it when I left.

Greg has grand plans to create a new enclosure for Mattie. Lots of plants, deep soil, great lights, etc. It will probably take the month of June as he is very busy (he is working on fixing my vacuum cleaner which is a priority). Mattie will be very happy once it is done.

I tried all weekend to get Frankie's Growth Chart on my blog only to find out that tables are nearly impossible to add to BB Code. Still working on some sort of solution.

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