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June 4, 2008

Cool Strategies

Today is the hottest day so far this year - about 90ºF. Frankie is coping by checking out several possible sites around the yard for the coolest, shaded spot. One is up right by the old brush pile, one is back by the fence where he occasionally attempts to sleep during cooler days, and the third is under the porch.

Of course, I like Frankie under the porch. Easy for me to go out and give him his daily carrot. Plus his pool is right there and I can fill it up (cause he is constantly draining it). The dirt under the porch is getting a little muddy and when I was down there today it smelled like "dirty barn". I tossed some Frankie poop out hoping that helps. May have to consider other things to keep it tidy. But the wet ground is part of the cooling process.

[On a side note, I saw Frankie do a big pee outside this morning and thought to myself how lucky I am its summer and I don't have lots of Frankie pee to mop up - Yea!]

Big turtle is sitting in an area right next to Frankie. I suspect that Big Turtle watches Frankie's activities. But Big Turtle has selected a very cool area. She is next to the box turtle's water source which gets dumped and runs right to where she is sitting. Again, cool wet ground is a good strategy.

Me? Well, I don't use AC in the house during the day so its not unusual for temperatures to get into the mid 80's which can feel hot. How do I cool down? Why go outside for a little while and feel that 90 degree heat. When I go inside again the mid 80's feel down right cool. Another good strategy - ice tea.

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