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June 20, 2008

Spot the Turtle

Last week of all fruit for the box turtles. The cricket man cometh! Hard to believe the box turtles would tire of fruits. I brought them some freshly picked blackberries (yum) and they hardly ate any. I guess variety is the spice of life even for turtles.

Frankie is just a sulcata in a yard. He gets up when the sun wakes him but he stays in his enclosure watching until it suits him to come outside which is usually around 8:30 +/-. He starts his yard walk around 9:00. By 9:45/10:00 its warm enough for him to choose a morning shade spot. He may do another walk around before settling under the porch by 10:30. And that is where is stays to nearly 4:00. Then its time for yard walk-about. To his shelter at 5:45 and watch out the door until 6:00. I check on him around that hour and if I stay in the yard he will come out and spend time with me before going back to bed for the night.

During the day I spend time at the computer watching Frankie on Frankie TV. I know his routine so I get to see him lots. Some people have e-mailed me mentioning that they never see Frankie. I think checking Frankie TV for two minutes hardly stands a chance to see him. Checking him according to his routine affords better chances of seeing him. I've told people to e-mail me when they are going to turn Frankie TV on and I will lure Frankie out into the open. So far, no one has taken me up on this.

But for now, Frankie TV is pleasurable for me. I can get some writing done and still watch ole' Franks.

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