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June 2, 2008

Frankie Cam

Greg is going to install a camera for Frankie! We already have security cameras installed but they don't show anything interesting like geckos or turtles. But this one will show Frankie doing his thing in the backyard. How cool is that? During three seasons it will be really fun to watch Frankie because he is such an active tortoise. I guess during the winter we can keep the birds in bird seed and we can watch them.

I really enjoy watching Frankie from the window and porch so I figure lots of people will like to watch him do his thing in the yard. It will be not only nice but educational. Not everyone gets to experience a sulcata living in a large space. Maybe it will be time to put in another Frankie slide.

Does this mean I will have to start wearing make-up and wearing nice shirts? Gads, when I work with the geckos I wear some rough looking T-shirts. Certainly not for public viewing. Oh, well, I guess that's life. Besides, its all about Frankie!

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