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June 8, 2008

Fence Solution

One fourth of the fences in Frankie's yard is chain link. Chain link fences pose a major problem for sulcata tortoises. Sulcata see through the fence and so they want through to the other side. As sulcata get bigger, pushing through chain link fences become very easy.

We've done several things permanently and temporary to keep Frankie from pushing through. First, we sunk the chain link fence about a foot underground into cement. Helps a lot. Last year I put up black cloth to keep him from seeing through. Frankie didn't mess with the fence where the cloth was hung. But weather finally brought most of the cloth down. This year another solution, semi-permanent, but seems to work better.

I've had some plastic garden strips since Frankie was little.
Attached Image

The strops worked well when Frankie was shorter but since he has grown to see over the top I have not used them for much except for the box turtles.
Attached Image

This spring, I got an idea. I attached one strip to the fence and added a second strip over the top of the first. And it works.Attached Image

Frankie doesn't pace this area of the fence. I still have some more areas to finish but I am about half way through getting it put up.

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