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June 11, 2008

More Work Less Talk

I've been spending more time with the turtles than thinking about the turtles which is why there is less to write about the turtles. I think that is normal for good weather. Daily routines are doubled since I have to go outdoors to do my turtle maintenance rather than work them into my daily indoor gecko chores.

But getting outdoors can be tricky for me. As much as I like warmer temperatures and so do the turtles, none of us like the hotter temperatures. So I try to get out early in the day to feed and water turtles. In the late evening when the sun is not directly on the yard, I can get some work done on the yard. Which is what I did last night.

I did another section of the chain link fence. Frankie does not pace the area that is fixed. But it looks as if I will need to buy another section of boarder to get everything covered.

I've let the box turtle area's grass get tall so they get to run around in areas with good cover. When I go looking for them they are tucked under large clumps of grass. Each morning before it gets too hot I clean out their water and refill it for them. Since the "pond" is not set into the ground, I still have to help them in. Digging a hole for the big dish is also on the late evening chore list.

The box turtles are getting lots more veggies mixed in with ripe fruit. I've had banana, peach and pear to mix in. They all love that. Even the baby box turtle is getting more fruit and veggies. Once a week the boxies, young and old, get super worms.

Frankie grazes so no need to supplement his diet. But with the Frankie Cam working, I find myself tossing treats in front of the camera so people can see him. Not everyone can move the camera so they can find Frankie so I try to get him front and center so he can be seen. Just something else that needs to be done.

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