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March 7, 2007

What A Turtle Needs

70 degrees outside today!! What could make a couple of torts happier! I took Frankie and Mattie outside early this morning so they could have lots of sun, grass and weeds. Frankie ran around so much that he had to take a nap around 1:00 pm.

No more worrying about picking food for Frankie: the warm weather is bringing up lots of dandelions and other favorite weeds. I think now that March is here, I shall have no problems.

The next big question is when do I put the box turtles out in their pen? I still need to work on their enclosure a bit. I pulled the fence around the underneath side of the porch and divided the area between the box turtles and Frankie. Now the box turtles have 1/2 of the shade of under the porch and Frankie gets the benefit of the other half. I haven't got the fence completely secure so I worry about putting out the box turtles until I do.

And about those box turtles -- they turned down strawberries today, again! And these were organic strawberries. What do these picky guys want?

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