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March 5, 2007

Going's On

Mattie, our Madagascar spider tortoise, is being a picky eater. Yes to apples, no to banana, yes to corn, no to greens, yes to hibiscus flowers, no to strawberries. All of these items were eaten last year without problem but this year I just can't get her to eat. What do I need to do?

Tomorrow promises to be a very warm day outside so I am planning on putting her in the outside enclosure. Hopefully, besides getting some UV rays and nice basking, she will eat some grass or weeds.

She has been soaking every other day in water and seems to enjoy it very much. I hardly get to see her drink water but I believe she is hydrated.

Frankie, the box turtles and the rest of the gang is doing great. Frankie is getting some outdoor time. I have put the box turtles outside to bask as well.

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