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March 10, 2007

Turtle Enclosure Ready

I spend this morning fixing up the outdoor box turtle enclosure. This entailed getting the wire fence under the porch anchored tightly. I had to dig into the dirt a bit so the fence had no gaps at the bottom. I filled in a hole that I had dug out last year into which I put a water dish. Water will be done differently this year. I set up two plastic enclosures that the turtles can get into for shelter. I inspected the rest of the fence for potential holes that turtles could escape. All seems ready.

All the box turtles (Mama Turtle, Big Turtle, Brown Eyes and Bama) are now outside. Mattie, the spider tortoise is outside. Nighttime temperatures are not expected to drop below 50. Now is the time to decide when to bring in or leave out the turtles at night based on forecast-ed night temperatures. I think I shall check some reference books. If I cannot find a good answer, I will go to the forum for other keeper's experience.

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