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March 20, 2007

Pounds to Consider

All the turtles are outside full time. Today, I went out to give the box turtles a soak in water. While I had them soaking, I looked down by my foot and saw a baby turtle. Since we hadn't had any rain in over two weeks, I immediately put the baby turtle in water and he seemed to appreciate it.

I figure he is one of the hatchlings from last fall. He did well to survive the winter outdoors. As I understand it, sometimes young hatchlings will stay in their "egg hole" for a winter before digging out. That does mean that there may be other babies in the grass that I have not seen even though I took to time to look for other babies.

I've named him Dudley (at this point we will be able to tell what sex for some time). I will keep him indoors in his own enclosure and take him on daily "sun" visits for good UV exposure. Dudley will be put up for adoption as I do not want additional turtles. I am seriously considering putting my male box turtle up for adoptions as I really do not want breeding to occur.

Frankie had a blast in his "tub" today. He was flicking water over his back. I joined in by splashing water over his shell which only got him flicking even more.

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