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March 15, 2007

Spring is closer and closer...

Yesterday was a great day for turtles. All turtles went outside for a wonderful warm day filled with light breezes, great shade and warm sunlight.

Frankie seem particularly happy. He spend so much of the day wandering around his yard, occasionally eating grass and sitting in the shade. He has discovered the new space under the porch. I found him sitting in the soft dirt cooling off a bit. I also filled his pool for the first time this year and he spent time drinking fresh water.

Mama turtle and Brown Eyes are a bit restless and may be looking for places to lay eggs. Both spent time wandering around the enclosure and finally settled down at dusk. Neither started digging and I did bring them inside for the night.

I was actually thinking of leaving all the turtles outside for the night since temperatures were supposed to be in the 50's but predictions of rain caused me to change my mind. The day that all the turtles get stay out for the night is closer and closer each day.

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