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December 3, 2007

Winter DIgs Done

All is nice and quiet on the turtle front. Everyone seems to be settled into the winter digs provided in the gecko room.

The box turtles seem to really like their big tub of dirt. Mama Turtle and Brown Eyes dig in every night. Big Turtle snuggles into the leaves. I think today, along with their regular soaking in water, I will let them walk around the gecko room a bit for some exercise.

The baby box turtle is eating. She doesn't like to be watched so I have to leave the food with her and walk away. I will pre-count what I leave her so I can tell how much she has eaten. Every few days I put her under a UV light. She doesn't like this -- its like she is too exposed -- but she needs some UV.

Frankie is being good and walking outside on his own each day. He only gets about two to three hours before the sun begins to set or gets too cold. Today its to be rather chilly so I don't know if he will get out at all. Since he doesn't seem interested in the water outside (maybe too cold), I am soaking him weekly. Even if he is reluctant to drink water, he will have the opportunity as well as the soaking. Last winter he just didn't get enough water and at the time I didn't have a good solution. This year, I have a big plastic container that I can fill with just enough water for Frankie and its big enough to get Frankie in (the box turtles use this container to eat super worms).

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