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December 10, 2007

Frankie's Perfect Day

No ice storms here - while the Midwest weathers one of the worst ice storms in years, with 100,000 customers without electricity including my mother and Greg's mother, we here in Alabama are enjoying Spring like weather. Yes, in the mid 70's today and this day it was SUNNY! Frankie couldn't wait to go outside. I could barely get him to come back inside!

He was all over his yard eating and walking and sunning and resting and eating and walking - you would think he was locked away for years. But after all, he has his favorite weather and sunny in the 70's is IT!

I even brought out the box turtles. Rather than them running for shelter, they strolled around their enclosure and found comfy spots to watch the day go by. I checked them again and again to make sure no one was digging their way to China.

Have I mentioned that Frankie is Mr. October 2007 on the Turtle Times 2007 Calendar. The handsome boy made the calendar. Thank you to anyone reading this who voted for him.

His friends, Tater and Bowser, are making fun of his "celebrity" status. One of them put a car under Frankie's My Space Christmas tree so he could flee the paparazzi. Cute. We love Frankie's My Space fiends.

Back to Frankie who came inside reluctantly an hour later than he usually comes inside for "bedtime". He stayed up way past his normal bedtime. I guess one doesn't always get a perfect day to enjoy.

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