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December 20, 2007

Making Mama Happy....Almost

Frankie continues to make his mama happy by eating his soaked hay everyday. I am mixing in some weeds and grass just to keep him very happy. Now if I could just get all the box turtles to eat vegetables. They are picky (especially Brown Eyes who never eats veggies except the occasional corn and it better be fresh!). Today the boxies are getting veggies and a banana mixed in for lunch.

Brown Eyes failed to go into hibernation. She just got sick. She has managed to pull out of it already: A good warm up did the job.

I saw the baby box turtle drink water this morning. Every morning I put her in water but she is so secretive that I didn't know if she was drinking. But she is. Overall, she is better about letting me see her eat and now, drink. I can better monitor health when I know they are getting sustenance and hydration (ooo - big fancy words today).

Frankie is so well behaved this year inside. He simply doesn't go stomping around the room unless I am there. Any other time I check he is just sitting nicely under his heat lamp. He hasn't peed in his water since last week and I am worried that he will have a pee on the floor instead of his water. Today I will put him back in the water to see what happens.

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