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December 18, 2007

Hay Fever

I had asked my neighbor, a very nice school teacher, if she could take care of our cats during Thanksgiving which she said she could (we ended not going anywhere, oh well). She said she would always do what she could to help but she just couldn't take care of our 200 geckos.

That's okay. She did say she could feed Frankie while were gone since "wouldn't I just give him a bag of lettuce?" "Oh, no," I explained, "you would have to go outside and pick weeds and grass for him." She was silent for several moments and then asked if someone else could feed Frankie, please.

I have tried feeding him dry hay but he won't touch it. I've been steadfast and just not tried any other suggestions on feeding him hay.

Since Frankie won the costume contest, and we got the gift card from PetSmart, I bought some Orchard Grass for the heck of it. Try one more time. I did this yesterday. Frankie didn't even bother to try to eat just walked over it. So I surrendered to suggestions of other sulcata owners and took a handful of orchard grass, cut it to pieces and soaked it in warm water for five minutes. I put it in front of Frankie and HE ATE IT!

Now don't everyone get too excited. I am NOT going to start buying Frankie orchard grass for everyday food - I like his $5 monthly food budget and I am not going to pay $40 per bale of hay or grass for him (its expensive in Alabama because of the drought). BUT, it is great to have an alternative food source for Frankie in situations like me being out of town and having someone else take care of Frankie. I figure I can mix damp orchard grass and some lettuce and put it in a bag it and store it in the refrigerator. Not too much work for anyone.

I love solutions. :P

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