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January 12, 2007

Turtle Tricks

Outside when it is sunny and warm and inside when it is cool and cloudy -- such is the life of Frankie.

The other day, when it was cool and cloudy, Frankie had fun pushing the box turtles (in their plastic enclosure) around the room. The box turtles are unharmed as Frankie cannot get inside the container, but it doesn't keep him from pushing them around occasionally. To avoid this, I put a piece of newspaper over the box turtle's enclosure and Frankie cannot see them. If he cannot see them, he doesn't bother with them.

The little boy box turtle, Bama, got out of his enclosure and found his way into Frankie's heated night pad. Frankie must have found him and chased him behind the toilet (which is near Frankie's night pad). I found Frankie sitting under the front of the toilet, first thing in the morning when I came in to water the gecko. That is when I discover Bama under the back of the toilet, avoiding Frankie's overly friendly greetings.

Sometimes, Bama and Frankie get along great. I have found them sitting quietly together, no aggression at all. Still, I can't always trust Frankie. Bama weights less than a half-a-pound. Frankie weights in over 35 pounds.

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