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January 18, 2007


The cold front that has frozen the west and central US is over us now. All turtles are inside keeping warm. Tough on Frankie with limited space inside to walk around. Yesterday, he insisted he wanted outside (I can tell because he gets right up to the door and sits there). I opened the gecko room door and the door to the garage and let him outside that far (the next door would be to outside). He took a walk through the basement turned back into the gecko room and returned to his nice, warm enclosure.

I've gone outside and picked the weeds growing in the yard -- they have little purple flowers on them -- and given Frankie a gallon scoop worth. He enjoyed that. Same will happen today. Again, I am not having to buy supplemental food for Frankie -- he lives off the weeds in our yard!

Our house is cold -- around 68 degrees or lower (depending on which floor I am on), so occasionally I go downstairs to the 74 degree gecko room to get warm. I may even drag a good chair downstairs so I can watch TV and stay warm.

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