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January 31, 2007

...the cupboard was bare

Frankie's supply of food in the yard is getting a bit thin. I can still go out and pick a meal for him but the cold weather is slowing any growth. Yesterday, I drove to a local park and picked a bag of dandelion greens and flowers and brought them back for Frankie's lunch.

The cold is also having an effect on turtle appetites. Mattie, our spider tortoise, has cut her food down to so very little that I was a bit worried. I've moved her downstairs to the gecko room where the daytime temperature is much warmer than our living room's temperature (usually about 64 degrees). After a couple of days in the warmer temps she finally ate a little bit of strawberries (bought specifically for her).

I am sitting here in the living room and am very cold. I am a real energy saving nut and turn the heater off when Greg is at work. If I want to get warm, I go downstairs and warm up in the gecko room. The gecko room doesn't need any heater, the fluorescent and basking lights, heat strips, computers, incubators, etc., keep that room in the 70's. At night it never drops below 60 unless Alabama outdoor temperatures drop in the teens. When that happens (as it did last night) I turn on a oil heater on low and the gecko room stays in the 60s. Anyway, for a winter room, the turtles are in a good place.

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