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January 25, 2007

More Cabin Fever

Yesterday, after being inside since my last blog entry, Frankie again insisted on going outside regardless of the 43 degree, overcast weather. He managed a few nibbles of grass before turning around and going back inside. I get him a "bucket" of weeds and grass daily plus a few bits of veggies or fruits from the other turtles meals.

Mattie, the small spider turtle, stays upstairs with the humans in her own enclosure. I have started to take her downstairs into the gecko room each time I go to work there. This gives her an opportunity to really get warmed up on Frankie's heat pad and with the ambient room temperature. The humidity is better in the gecko room which she probably appreciates. She eats well once she is warmed up. Today her meal is cooked sweet potatoes and green beans.

There will be a small amount of sun today. If I can time it right, I can get Frankie out early this afternoon at the peak heat of 50 degrees.

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