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May 6, 2012

End of the Parade

How I see Frankie:
How Do Dah Day's parade officials see Frankie:

This is how Frankie's fans at Do Dah Day see Frankie in the parade (the following photos were taken by people attending Do Dah Day Pet Parade):

(Thank you, Frankie fans for letting us borrow your great photos taken over the six years that Frankie has walked in the pet parade.)

How Frankie sees himself at the Do Dah Day Pet Parade:

In 2011, Frankie's walk at Do Dah Day Pet Parade went bad.  He was asked to start in the back of the parade or be put in a cart.  Frankie walked about twenty feet before he was told that the parade was over.  He had just crossed the starting mark.
Due to total misunderstandings, Frankie isn't welcome at the 2012 Do Dah Day Pet Parade.  What are the misunderstanding?  It's all based on how parade officials THINK Frankie walks in the parade.  They think he blocks the parade floats, slows the whole parade down, walks the entire parade in the very front, upstages the "king and queen," Frankie cuts in line, and some other things that are totally untrue.

Should I complain.  I have.  Should I fuss.  I have.  Do Dah Day is a non-profit, fund raising affair and I've been told I am ruining the event by being such a spoil-sport.

Cry, cry, cry.  Okay.  I've cried over my spilled milk.  I am a baby about this. 

Mostly I will miss the event: Frankie Fans, taking lots of pictures, writing about Frankie's adventures on the day, and reminiscing about it all.

I'll shut up now.


  1. Some people just don't understand... but we fans of Frankie do. And who knows, maybe a new event will come along for Frankie.

  2. We need a new Tortoise Parade...ya?
    How about ' The 1st Annual Tortoise Day Walkathon '
    ...walk around a block of your choice and the neighborhood
    can setup yard sale/gifts/goods that contribute some sales to your fund raiser for?...and of course we need a Tortoise Band on someones front lawn with lots of drums for walking music. :)
    ...and an information booth of local vets, husbandry, and of course audience voting for photography contest and coolest Tortoise/Turtle of the day!
    Could be a best of water turtle wagon float prize too!
    Box turtles races with giant grubs!
    And of course their own beauty contest!

    Free organic grown Bermuda for all. Lol
    Go Leann and Frankie!

  3. AnonymousMay 11, 2012

    Are you kidding me? You want the Do Dah Day Parade to go 1 mph? Are you the most self-centered people on the planet? What about the other 200 people that would like to finish the Parade before 8:00 that night? Live long enough and you will see it all.

  4. @Anonymous - again, the misunderstanding that Frankie slows the parade down. The parade walks around him with no slowing down anyone. It's not like Frankie takes up the whole parade width! Everyone in the parade including cars, dog and people walk, drive and move around him and has so with ease for years!

  5. My family and I actually attended Do Dah Day for the first time this year and wondered where Frankie was. Poor guy!!