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April 28, 2012

Just Frankie Pictures at the Walk for Autism

Sometimes pictures say more about Frankie than words.

Frankie at the Walk for Autism, Birmingham AL
I get lots of admirers.

Walkin' at the Walk.

Getting lots of shell rubs.

Some of my lady friends.

I am awesome!

A little push up the hill is always welcome.

I thought I smelled a carrot.

Photographers everywhere.

Who's your sulcata?  I'm your sulcata.


  1. Fantastic pictures, the kids really look happy to meet you! We love you, Frankie(and your human is pretty special too)

  2. Excellent pics Leann! It's really easy to see the kids and adults really liked Frankie!
    The last front facing pic here of Frankie shows how much fun Frankie loved all this too, He's smiling!!

  3. loveLoveLOVE Frankie!!!! YOU DA BOMB!!!!!! :-)