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February 12, 2012


Valentines day is coming up fast.  Frankie wants something very special for Rosie.

I decide we will take some special romantic photos.  One look at Frankie and it's obvious there is much to do to get ready.  Frankie hasn't had a bath since Fall.

It's too cold for an outdoor bath.  I wish could take Frankie somewhere for a bath.  A pet groomer is out of the question.  Is there even a groomer experienced in large sulcata tortoises?  How would I  get Frankie up on a little "doggie" grooming tables.  Even if I did get him up on one he would simply crawl off.   

All I need is a warm room with a drain on the floor and a hose nearby.  A car wash! Yea, right, I wish.

Back to the drawing board.  Gecko room.  Gecko room is warm.  It's a pain to bathe Frankie inside here but what choice do I have?

I drag out the big hot water drip pan I bought a couple years back for Frankie.  Luckily, he can still fit in it.

Drag Frankie to tub and then "push n' lift" him in. Pour warm water over him.  Start soaping his shell.  Use a toothbrush and rag to scrub him. 

Frankie naturally avoids contact with rag and tooth bush so he shuffles around the tub circle to avoid me.  This makes it easier to wash him all around without having to move too much myself.  

He hates his face being washed so I save this for last. Frankie spits, dodges, retracts, pushes, blows, and hides.  It takes a while but his face gets clean.

He does have a pink nose.  I just haven't seen it with all the dirt, grass, hay, and dandelion stains.

Frankie is so pissed once his bath over.  One would expect him to run for cover and not be seen all day.  Instead Frankie heads right for his food rack.  He thinks he deserves a carrot.

I didn't loose any fingers.  My hands are not scraped and bloody.  Frankie didn't run over my feet or legs.  For once I've managed a huge Frankie chore unscathed.  Okay, he deserves a carrot.

Patiently Frankie waits for me to pull up some fresh grass and retrieve a huge carrot.

Frankie is still pissed.  While he eats his carrot I clean out his Dogloo.  When he is done eating he will have a nice clean cave to spend the day grumbling and complaingning.

Wait until he find out he is getting his beak trimmed in a little while.

He has too look good for the photo!

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