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January 31, 2012

History of Frankie Caves

History of Frankie shelters, i.e. Frankie Caves.
Baby Frankie's first "cave" was a cave.   

Frankie outgrew his second cave. 

Frankie's first Rubbermaid cave.  Frankie used it for five years
until he could no longer turn around inside.   
Frankie gets to come indoors during inclement weather.  Boxes were useful.
Box is too small but Frankie could care less.

Frankie Rubbermaid cave #2 is very elaborate. It even survived a tornado.  

We still used boxes if Frankie has to come inside.  This box fits a little better.
Frankie's Dogloo is great indoors or outdoors. 
No box? No Dogloo?  Under a table is fine. Warm cat is a bonus.

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