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January 24, 2012

The Best of Morning

Day after the next round of Alabama tornadoes.  We did not get hit but we all did wake up wondering just what was blowing through the yard.

And the public tornado alarms in our area didn't go off again.  Again.

Frankie was outside spending the night in his hut.  He slept through it.

As a testament to what it takes make a tornado possible, the next day was so warm that Frankie spend the day wandering the yard, basking in the sun, and grazing on what grass and weeds he could find -- in January.

But I did insist that he sleep inside last night....just in case.

Frankie sleeps outside - we get tornadoes.

Frankie sleeps inside the gecko room - quiet night. 

This morning it was so nice that I didn't want Frankie to miss a thing.  It was not quite warm enough to go all the way outside so I opened the garage door.  Frankie, Rosie and I all basked  in the sun that shone into the garage.

My sister, Kelly, was so tickled by the sight that she took a picture.  That is me on my computer, and Frankie and Rosie basking.  Best of mornings.

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