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February 14, 2012

Frankie's Valentine

Two days preparation for Frankie's Valentine to Rosie, his girlfriend.  Since Rosie lives so far away (Colorado), a special photograph was planned. 

Frankie got his beak trimmed.  Frankie got a bath.  Decor was chosen. 

My sister the artist did a huge assist with the whole project.  She couldn't resist.  The idea of a tortoise, a valentine and a long distance relationship struck a creative note with her.  She decided that Frankie had to have a flower bouquet for Rosie.  Kelly made a hay, wild weeds and dandelion bouquet.  Really, it was a terrific idea.

Best we could do was to frame Frankie with a silver heart, stuff a few fake flowers around him and pose the wild weed n' flower bouquet  in front of him.

  It was cute.  But really, Kelly and I wanted to fix it up a bit.  The red leather was not smooth.  The silver heart frame kept falling.  Frankie kept acting irritated.  Shot after shot and we just couldn't get the look we were looking for. 

Frankie had only so much patience for the whole photo shoot.  He decided the wild weed n' flower bouquet look too tempting to let be for very long. 

So he lunged forward crashing his head through the frame and ate the bouquet.  .

We attempted to push Frankie back, re-arrange the decor and salvage the wild weed n flower bouquet.  Frankie got totally fed up.  With no advance warning, Frankie lunged forward crashing the whole photo shoot sending my sister sprawling backwards barely avoiding being run over by an 85 pound tortoise.    

Kelly had never witness a sulcata "ramming."  I explained he wasn't trying to run her down so much as he was letting us know he had enough. 

That was the end of the photo shoot. 

The Valentine picture was cute but we like the second picture best.

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  1. the second picture certainly shows off his personality!