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January 4, 2009


I had my first serious sulcata related injury. ....big ouch!

I was soaking Frankie this morning in his big water tub. He usually likes to soak in water but for some reason this morning he just wasn't in the mood to be in water. I did my best to wash him while he was soaking (or not soaking) so we could go to Petco to walk around today. Finally after fighting him the entire time I decided to give up and take him out.

I put my fingers under both sides of his shell and lifted him out of the water. Frankie was still acting uncooperative and started flapping his legs everywhere. That was all it took to make my fingers slip.

Luckily I was holding him just four or so inches from the ground. But unlucky for my left hand middle finger which could not clear Frankie's 56 pound shell as it hit the ground. Frankie was cushioned by that middle finger but that finger got smash to about half its normal thickness.


I really didn't know what to do for a crushed finger other than howl like a wounded dog, which I did. After the short burst of painful noise making, I elevated the hand, popped some Tylenol and put the finger on ice.

The good news is I get to flip off everyone as I proudly show off my sulcata injured finger - all black, purple and blue and twice its normal size.


Everyone look!

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