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January 18, 2009

It's been cold

It has been cold and that is no understatement with temperatures hoovering in the teens for nearly a week. Only a few days last week did the temperatures bother to get anywhere above 40. This makes for one miserable sulcata.

I know lots of people keep their sulcata indoors and in fact (which I cannot phantom) indoors year around. This is all but an insane thought to me. Frankie would not tolerate this and probably because he has been raised in the very best manner possible which means outdoor as much as possible and eating what God intended and that would be grass.

So what in the heck does one do with a sulcata indoors? How can one possibly entertain a sulcata kept in doors? Well folks, the answer is a clear as can be -- absolutely nothing. Frankie wants outside. Frankie wants outside like the Cookie Monster wants cookies. He wants to be outside NOW. No getting around that fact.

So, temperatures in the teens, Frankie is at the door banging his head to go outside. Fine. I let him make up his own mind. I open the door. He takes three steps. Stops. Turns right around and heads back into his nice warm, artificially heated enclosure. And that is entertainment.

This goes on all week. He wants out. He gets to look and decide for himself. Only once does he actually make it all the way to the grass. Of course, after four days he is desperate. Hungry or just perhaps in need of fresh air and sunlight. But the moment outside is but a moment. He heads back inside.

And it is now too cold for me to go out and pull what is left of grass outside. We soaking hay in hot water for ten minutes and then giving it to Frankie. And a miracle occurs. He eats it.

So, there is no entertaining a sulcata indoors. Hay is a last resort food for a starving sulcata. If I have to mop up sulcata pee one more time I may scream. OMG it is only January.

By the way. I can finely type with my sulcata crushed finger. It does not feel so good but I can type.

What a life. Would not trade it for any other.

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