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May 25, 2008

Taking Care of Frankie

One of the sad aspects of approaching summer months is Frankie spends all his time outside. I don't get to see him first thing in the morning when I water the geckos at 7:00 in the morning. I usually don't see him until almost 9:00 am when he finally comes out of this outdoor house to do his morning bask. When I work with the geckos Frankie is outside all day. And I don't see him each night when I water the gecko. But Frankie loves to be outdoors and that is where he is most happy.

As the day gets hot, Frankie sits under the patio and stairs which affords him both good shade, a breeze from the AC unit, and a good view of the whole yard. When he is under the stairs I cannot see him unless I go all the way downstairs. When he his under the porch I can see him through the breaks between the wood.

The patio has a canopy and bug screen so I can spend more time out there even when it is hot. It must be a funny sight to see a human sitting on the patio looking over the yard and sitting on the ground directly under the human is a sulcata tortoise also looking over the yard.

I do enjoy tucking Frankie in every night. When he goes in his home for the night I go out each evening and open the top to check on him. I rearrange the hay so he is snug. If the plastic flaps are in disarray I will fix those up so there is no drafts.

Maybe its nice that the routine I have caring for Frankie changes with the season. I can enjoy the differences that each season brings.

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