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May 12, 2008

Bravo Boxies

I have neglected to mention a very special box turtle event: Brown Eyes laid three eggs last week. Two eggs are doing very well and one continues to get a dent no matter how damp I keep it. Although its been more than a year since Brown Eyes was around my male, Bama, box turtles are extremely efficient sperm retainers so it is very possible for all the eggs to be fertile.

I have the eggs buried 90% in organic soil. The container with the eggs is kept in the gecko room. I check it several times daily while doing my regular gecko chores.

Also neglected is an update on Pumpkin, the juvenile box turtle. Pumpkin is doing so very well. She is very well shaped and is now getting some height to her carapace that is normal to adult box turtles. I have not always done as well with juvenile box turtles as I have with Pumpkin. Some juveniles in the past have not had this beautiful shaped carapace as Pumpkin has so I am happy that I have done better by her. Its also time to get her a bigger enclosure and to spend time outside in the sun.

Greg and I had fresh strawberries for desert last night so the box turtles got strawberry tops for breakfast plus an over ripe banana. Soon I will be downstairs getting the same strawberry and bananas to Pumpkin. Pumpkin has shown little interest in anything but worms and insects so I think it is time to start adding veggies and fruits to her diet.

A final note: I am going back and fixing all the images in the blog. So far I have most of 2007 fixed. It will take several months to get everything fixed.

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