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May 11, 2008

Do Dah Day Considerations

One week to Do Dah Day Pet Parade! Frankie is in full time training! We walked at the Leeds Park Walk Track. Did good time. Still having problems with those curves. I guess it is just a sulcata thing. But the weather was good so we never got too hot. I brought a water container just in case along with his skateboard.

I need to do some work on the skateboard. Still working on a way to tack down the rubber cushion to the skateboard top. It really needs the cushion to keep Frankie from scratching his shell on the rough skateboard surface and to help keep him on the skateboard (he slides off). Tried hot glue and a heavy duty construction glue but neither sticks to the skateboard surface. Greg is suggesting that I cut a plywood board to fit the top of the skateboard, drill the board to the skateboard and then glue the rubber surface to the plywood. Gee, lots of work when Greg doesn't like me near power tools.

Still working on logistics -- do I walk alone with Frankie, do I find a friend to go, should Greg drop us at the start and then meet us at the other end? All things to be figured out. Greg shouldn't walk because of his bad foot (in physical therapy). Greg did manage to walk in the Walk for Autism but we probably walked less because Greg tried to keep up with us. Funny, Frankie would not only out walk Greg but he would easily out walk me if he could.

So we got six days to work out details.

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