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November 7, 2007

Two Freezes

We have had two nights in a row with temps into the 30's. All turtles and plants inside!  was already bringing the turtles inside for the night. I had to dig up Mama Turtle and Brown Eyes from the dirt but since Big Turtle can't bury herself, she is easier to find. They sleep in a old plastic box on top of Frankie's cardboard box (which of course, is where Frankie sleeps).

Yesterday, I checked on them at 7:00 am while I was doing my morning watering of geckos. Frankie was still asleep as were the box turtles. When I went back at 9:30 am, Frankie had peed all over his paper and was sitting across the room as if to say "you didn't expect me to sit in that, did you?" So, my first big chore of the day was cleaning up what always seems to be a gallon of Frankie pee.

Which brings me to a discussion I read about "stinky sulcata pee". Someone was saying they can't stand it when they keep their sulcata is inside because it pees and really stinks up everything. Now, I have to wonder if they aren't prepared for the pee (put down paper or something to catch it!) or are not cleaning up after it (like moping with soap and water, and taking the pee soaked newspaper to the outside trash). They were discussing how very horrible the smell is. Now this is what I wonder - am I immune to the stink or am I just doing a proper clean up?

Only time will tell.


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