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November 23, 2007

Soft Spot

Frankie stayed in all day yesterday on account is was below 45º F and no sun. He was quite bored. But, he got some Thanksgiving table scraps - pumpkin, green beans, carrots, 1/2 apple. Not too bad for a sulcata.

I gave him a chance to go outside today - its about 10º warmer and its sunny. He was out for about 45 minutes when he decided to look for a place to dig in. He has a spot near the back fence where leaves gather. The bad news is he has got it dug down to the bottom of the board. I need to keep him from digging here or he will dig right under the fence. Most of the fence in this area is on rock - no where to dig, but this spot is a bit of soft soil and he likes it.

Anyway, got him inside, put him under his heat lamp, gave him a carrot and let he go to sleep in his box.

I need to find ways to amuse a 45 pound sulcata living in a basement.

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