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November 5, 2007

Pre-Winter Changes

This weekend we were to host a number of Greg's co-workers for a pot luck dinner. Regretfully, Greg didn't get invitations out to the Saturday event until last Tuesday. I knew that such late invites would bring fewer people and only two of the dozen invited showed up - Kevin and Loretta.

Kevin, whom I have always enjoyed his company, had his first visit out here. He was in time to see Frankie head from the backyard into the basement for the night. Loretta arrived just in time to help Greg and Kevin water all the geckos before the lights went out.

One of the benefits of this event for us includes a very clean house and.  With fewer people showing up it was a more relaxed evening.

Time changed this weekend (I dislike Daylight Savings - why don't we permanently adjust our clocks by 30 minutes and leave them there forever!!!! - Gads Zooks) which means watering, feeding and getting Frankie in and out of the house all changes. The gecko lights are on less and less during the day. Turtles are less active.

Winter changes so much around here. Frankie, who lives on a short day schedule except during the hottest time of the summer, has even shorter days. It is 9:32 am right now and Frankie is still sitting in his "night box". He is awake, just not walking around. By the time I get downstairs at 10:00 am, it will be time to get him outside. Temperatures should be around 60ยบ F and the sun shinning. Good for him. Should we not have sun, he would not want to be outside.

The box turtles are spending nights indoors. Really, Mama turtle and Brown Eyes should be preparing for hibernation. I think that I shall get them ready to do this the first of December. Here in Alabama, too many sunny winter days prevent the soil to stay cool enough for them to sleep. They have picked two areas to dig in the yard and I think I shall work that area so that the clay is less solid for their winter sleep.

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