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May 17, 2005

The start of another hot May day

It is morning.  Frankie, the sulcata tortoise, who sleeps in the kitchen right now, just got outside to his pen.   He loves it outside.  He is sunning.

Yesterday I gave him a big bowl of water (size of him). Up to now he has show very little interest in water except as a youth (under two years of age).  This water was different.

Frankie approached the water dish with great enthusiasm, drank it and then proceeded to play in it. He walked through it over and over, and kept stepping in and out of the dish with this front feet.  In the water dish.  Out of the water dish.  In the water dish.  Out of the water dish.  You get the point.

Brown Eyes is not acting restless as if she was to lay eggs, rather she is sitting under a shelter like the other box turtles. I gave her a couple of chunks of cuttlebone and left her under the shelter (top half of a cat crate that I got at a garage sale).Bama is practicing his mating skills by mounting Big Turle on her side. Her attititue to all this behavior is "what ever, kid."

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