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May 24, 2005

Frankie the sulcata

After considering some better information that I've been reading on sulcatas, I've adjusted Frankie's diet a bit. I've reduced his fruit intake and, for the summer quite supplementing his diet with salads greens. His enclosure is full of grasses and weeds and during the summer months this should be sufficient for him. I put cuttlebone in his enclosure and throw old egg shells there too. I may have to add to his food during winter but during these summer months, he should be fine. Certain veggies, like carrots, I will continue to offer to him as they are vitamin A rich.Yesterday I gave him one strawberry that was stuffed with a vitamin A pill (beta carotene). Today he got a banana. That will be all the fruit this week. I am not planning on giving him any other food items this week other what he gets in his enclosure.He is so happy getting certain weeds and flowing plants that I don't think that he will feel that I am neglecting him. Hibiscuses and dandelions are his favorites which I have available.

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